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    DONGXINGDA Stone Co., Ltd., an international granite and marble supplier. The experiences achieved in over more than 15 years of activity allow us to have a professional acknowledge of nature stone processing. We are specializing in all kinds of constructional products in Granite and Marble, such as Tiles, Slabs, Countertops, vanity-tops, Monuments, Carvings, Steps, Pavement and Kerbstone etc.

    Menghao Stone owns 3 well-equipped monument(Fengzhen Black,Mongolia Black and G355) & 3 factories(located in Inner Mongolia, Xiamen and ShanDong), with more than 300 skilled workers. Equipped with advanced processing facilities, we have implemented comprehensive......[More]

    Fengzhen Black S2   Fengzhen Black A1   Butterfly Blue   Butterfly Green   Peacock Green   Blue Diamond Ice   Green Diamond Hemp   G383   G364   G355   Marron Guaiba   Quarzite Rosa  
    Xiamen Branch
    Shandong Branch
    Inner Mongolia Branch
    Menghao Stone Co., Ltd.
    Inner Mongolia Branch officeTel: 0474-3255444 18047444444
    E-mail: 18047444444@189.com